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The Pilots

Lars and Andrea


Lars began flying in 1987 and passes along his passion for everything flying to young people in his job. He can also live his passion for pyrotechnical things acquired during his study of chemistry in our airshow displays. Since 2003 Andrea is flight instructor for glider aerobatics in the highest class: Unlimited. Both have competed in more than 50 national and international competitions and championships.


Lars and Andrea´s experience in glider aerobatics have been rewarded with qualifications for both german national teams where Andrea represented Germany at 2 european and 3 world championships.


Andrea scored 3 times best woman at all of this world championships. Both Pilots have licences for Mirolights, Motorgliders and SEP Airplanes as well. In 2009 Andrea and Lars professionally began participating at airshows.

The Airplane

Swift S-1PCL


Swift S-1 registration D-8114 was built in Bielsko-Biala/Poland in 1993 as number 9 of only 33 ever built and made her maiden flight at Feb. 13 th 1993. Facts:

  • Wingspan in 12,68m ( 12ft7in), empty weight 300kg.
  • Max load of +10/-7.5g ( like an Extra 300)
  • maximum speed of 287 km/h ( 155kts)


That allows her pilot the largest flight envelope compared to all other aerobatic gliders in existence. So Swift S-1 can be considered being the non-plus-ultra in glider-aerobatics till the present day.

airplane1 - Pilots

Stradivari of aerobatics


Some Pilots just call him “ Stradivari of aerobatics“. At the end of 2015 this glider has been officialy equipped to become the first Swift „PCL“ of a new generation:

  • P = Pyrotechnical use
  • C: Carbon fibre reinforced
  • L: Lights system


As the glider is shown mostly on international Events , the Mainenance is solely done by an professional company that is specialised for this type of glider!

airplane2 - Pilots
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